Treadmill Training

Private or semi-private sessions

At Grind Hockey Training Centre our treadmill training sessions can be a private or semi-private lesson, focusing specifically on the student’s areas of improvement.

Cardio and strength training is also developed through our uniquely designed programs. We also use Dartfish video analysis to properly instruct the student.

It's all about proper stride

The skating treadmill is the most effective way to teach proper stride. With our personal instructor standing directly in front of the student, any inaccuracy in stride can be identified immediately and corrected. With constant correction and higher repetition on a treadmill the student will find faster gains through muscle memory and retention. Instructors can teach proper stick handling and shooting while in stride to simulate game situations.

How to book

See below for semi-private options.

Sessions can be booked within the Online Schedule or by emailing or by calling 519.572.0279.


Treadmill training sessions are a 30 minute Private Lesson. If you would like to bring a friend and make the session a semi-private lesson, please indicate so at the time of booking. An additional $10.00 charge per session will be added to the costs below; however, the total cost can be divided between the two parties.

  • Single Session

    $49.00 +HST

  • 5 Sessions

    $220 +HST ($44 per session)

  • 10 Sessions

    $390 +HST ($39 per session)

Booking Information

Sessions can be booked within the Online Schedule, by emailing or by calling 519.572.0279.